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I am so super excited to announce the release of our new and improved blog, Sara’s Square. On April 1st, you will see a fresher blog with up to date information including CinderellaStyle by Sara Kauss, Industry Insight for Brides and Photographers, and introductions of my amazing staff. This has been a long time in the making, and I am setting a goal to have 3000 visitors on day one of its release. Help me celebrate and promote the blog by leaving a comment on your favorite blog post. The couple (or family) with the most comments between April 1st and April 8th will win a free 16×20 or 16×16 Gallery Wrapped Canvas!

RULES: Leave a comment (one comment per email address, per blog post) on APRIL 1st (make sure to wait for the release of the new blog). At the end of the contest (April 8th), we will count the comments and award the winner. Exclusions include CinderellaStyle and any pages other than “Life, Love, Laugh”. Comments will be counted for one week only so don’t miss out! Tell your family and friends to visit Sara’s Square and leave their comment to help you win!

What an amazing event Call of the Game is. Lauren Book-Lim created Lauren’s Kids a charity to promote awareness to adults and children about sexual abuse. Lauren was a victim of sexual abuse by a nanny and now at only 25 years old tells an amazing story of survivorship. Please click on this link and learn about Lauren’s Kids.

How I became involved. There’s a priceless value on the friendships I’ve made in this industry. One of those friendships is Timothy Beckford, a.k.a. TimCo. TimCo was asked to shoot Lauren’s Kids charity event and subsequently asked me to second with him. And that’s how I met Dwyane Wade.

Not being a huge basketball follower (I’m not the biggest sports nut you’ll ever meet, but I’m a great tailgater!) I really (and please do not scream at me sports fans…) did not know what an amazing person Dwyane Wade was. It’s kinda like my buddy Damon Tucci shooting a small personal event with about 50 people and Colbie Caillat showing up to sing. Damon really didn’t know who Colbie was!! — don’t worry, I gave him my mind about that. Long story longer…

So yeah. There’s all these really huge men walking around, I’m taking photos…etc..etc…Lauren gets to the podium and gives a moving story of her life and charity work. Then, honors D. Wade for his contributions and support of her cause. D. Wade was recognized for over 15 minutes about his contributions to intercity communities and children and families in need. It was like one amazing story after another between Lauren and Dwyane. All I can say is thank god for my camera! It’s a great cover for watery eyes 😉

All in all — I feel blessed to have the family and friends I have. Fortunate to have had a great childhood and amazing husband in my life now. And feel more aware of things I need to do to help make a difference. These people are inspiring and make you want to do something GREAT. Please check out both Lauren and Dwyane’s charities and if not theirs, find out how you can give back in your little world to help make someone else’s amazing.

p.s. I’m standing on my tippy tip toes 😉

There are a lot of people to thank for helping me get this event together! First, my business manager, Katie is amazing! Katie was a huge part of the CinderellaStyle planning process. Thank you Pat at Frenchmans Reserve ( for allowing us to get ready for our crazy fun photo shoot at your beautiful, very accommodating venue. Davis, my uber talented graphic designer, created the CinderellaStyle logo in just days (, and of course I love it! Daniel Vann and Tess Weaver — your make up for these girls was absolutely outstanding! Daniel is based out of the Palm Beach area ( and Tess is from Alaska (follow her on twitter @tessiestyle) — but both are totally worth whatever it takes to get your make up done by them! They’re awesome. Josh Newton (, you’re so great! When I asked my California friend if he wanted to play photo-shoot with me and four gorgeous couples he couldn’t resist! Thank you so much Josh! Laura, seriously I couldn’t shoot anything without you! And Zak, my wonderful husband and boat capitain (at times 😉 thank you! MY AWESOME COUPLES — YOU’RE SIMPLY FABULOUS xoxo to you all! Now…enough blabbing…let’s get to the photos! The whole town is talking about it!Possibly because Jimmy Burg is running for mayor!

CLICK HERE to read about CinderellaStyle In the news!

JUPITER — Sara Kauss of Sara Kauss Photography put her creative mind to work in a local photo shoot on Sunday, Feb. 21. Sara’s CinderellaStyle photography package covered former brides trashing their expensive wedding attire on camera.

This is a growing trend among brides who have no reason to hang on to their white gowns but really want one last chance to put them on. Sara, using her expertise and imagination, took the idea and ran with it using industrial settings and Jupiter hot spots as her sets.

CinderellaStyle by Sara Kauss involved four brides, four grooms, two makeup artists, three photographers, a party bus, a boat and a day full of fun.

“I never thought ruining my wedding dress would be this beautiful and fun'” said Katie Rawnsley, one of the brides involved. The shoot attracted a lot of attention at the final destination Sunday, Square Grouper Tiki Bar at Castaway’s Marina, where patrons speculated what all the Brides were up to.

Sara Kauss Photography, located in Tequesta, specializes in wedding and event photography as well as family photography. Sara is known for her photojournalistic style and her colorful, dynamic photos. Her work has been published in The Knot Florida magazine as well as The Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry. She is also involved in an ad campaign for Miller’s Lab. Her most recent work can be viewed on her blog at

Kayla and Ben!

February 25, 2010

Favorite colors EVER!  Kayla and Ben’s wedding ceremony at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in West Palm Beach, was beautiful.  Their reception at The Colony on Palm Beach — AMAZING!


Michelle and John!

January 15, 2010

Don’t ask. I can’t tell you why I have the funnest clients. I just do. 😉 This super-sassy-retro-vintage-kinda-crazy-fun couple Michelle and John only need one more thing said about them “I CANT WAIT FOR THEIR WEDDING!” You two are insanely fun.

Thank you Rag Tops in Palm Beach for allowing us the use of your amazing space (they rent out this place for parties people! Use it!). And THANK YOU Danielle with Creative Touch Parties for planning the shoot and helping me hold a flash or two during their session. You are fantastic Danielle!

totally “I Love Lucy”Um. I’m sorry. But, SERIOUSLY????!! She’s SO CUTE!if you *squint* Michelle’s dress completes the illusion of train tracks 😉

In 29 degree weather in FLORIDA we took these photos. Sara and Richard were awesome models! Sara is one of my bestest friends — I couldn’t be happier for the two of them. After the photo session we went on to shower Sara with Mimosas and her girls at 310 Lakeside DT Orlando. So fun!!!
simple, easy flowers — we ordered from Costco! (a.k.a. KaussCo) Love that place.Kyla handmade this diaper cake for Sara.Crafty Kyla also made this cake ball lollipops for Sara! I made the lil’ stickers 😉FAVORITE shoe photo of all time! It’s our tradition. And I LOVE it!the besties!

How fun is this?!
In this magazine…you’ll find this page!and that’s my adorable couple, Jennifer and Tama!if you look wrreeeally close you’ll see “Sara Kauss Photography” 😉 that’s okay. I know it’s there!here’s a couple other favorites of mine from their wedding in August 2009…Videography by the amazing and talented Reinhardt Productions!

Robert Ritter, of Ritter and Ramsey General and Cosmetic Dentistry ask that I shoot Moriah for a dentist publication. Congratulations Dr. Ritter on your excellent work – the story made the cover! And subsequently, so did my photos 😉 Ritter and Ramsey are excellent dentists in the Palm Beach area.

Christy and Darin!

January 7, 2010

I’ve loved this adorable couple since their engagement session a long while ago 😉 They may look slightly familiar! Of course their wedding at the Delray Beach Marriott was perfect and amazing — nothing less than expected!